Friday, October 20, 2006

Aww look, the Blog's learned how to post video properly and add links, isn't that cute!

I need a more fitting photo for my profile

And since this is a new blog, it's only fitting to show some baby animal pencil tests. The first is an flash back animation I did for a friend of mine Victoria for a short she did. She's a real good stop motion animator and puppet maker although sometimes I don't think she knows that. Just resently she was offered a job from Laika for their next film. I don't know if she is going to take it or not, with her still being in school, but I know what ever she does, she's gonna do big things.

here's some of the concept work I did for the character design. In the end it, we went with the more simplier design, which fit since it was of the penguin remembering his past. Not to mention it saved alot of cleanup time since in retrospect, the time that I spent on it, I really should have been doing other things. But I am glad I worked on the film.

And here's my first time inbetweening pencil test that I did this week. My professor Steve Stanchfield has a friend who is making a short film and need a few more shots inbetweened. So Steve's inbetweening some and handed some shots out to a few students. It's a little different follow someone elses keys that are not your own. You can't make any changes to your keys, or shot stuff on ones, which I usually do with my keys. However I guess as I get better, I wouldn't have to do that as much, especially if someone else is inbetweening my shot. Anyways, his drawings were solidly constructed, and timing charts were good, so there was really no need to. Of course, there were a couple of times I wanted to. On the first turn I wanted to get the nose to drag but since there was a key in the middle, so I could only do it a little. I was able to get the nose to stretch on the nose when he goes to stand on one knee, though. So here is the pencil test.


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