Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Carica-Zoo-cowboys drawings

I bet you are wondering what the Title means. Well it is a combination word for all the drawings you are about to see, commonly referred to as a compound word like fireman or .....nonfireman...anyways, here are some zoo drawings I did last week. I've decided to start doing this more frequently so I bought a year pass for the family for 70 bucks, sure beats the 20 bucks for just one trip to the Zoo (I haven't been to the zoo, I think, since I was just a wee little lad learning the mysteries of the multiplication table.)

And here is some practice drawings for a possible Caricature job at the Zoo.\ The first three are of some friends. I put a photo next to the drawing for comparison. I got to find a photo of the last guy, though.

And this one I did while watching TV is......Well, if you can't tell, then I guess I haven't done my job. I'll be posting a lot more caricatures in a little bit.

Please note that this image does not mean I support or don't support Hilary Clinton it is just the best background I could think of . The only political candidate on record I will support, is me. As we speak (or as I type and you squint to read the words on your bright computer moniter) my campaign committee lawyers are working on a loop hole in the 35 year old age limit so I can run. Surely if a 12 year old girl can play in a mature adult golf tornament, then it must be unconstitutional to deny an adult, based upon age, for presidential candidacy.

And here is a quick sketch I did for the new blog I joined called Creation Engines. It is some inspiring and great artwork on there so check it out. It's a bunch of San Jose State students (and me) posting artwork pertaining to a 2 week topic. You'll see the link on the side.


Blogger Saul Ruiz said...

Damn J... you have been busy... things are looking good homie.. I like the animal drawings you have up here. Keep it up bud.

2:21 AM, July 09, 2007  

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