Friday, June 01, 2007

Doing an poster for freelance. It supposed to look like a movie poster, but it is for classroom settings. These are just some of the rough thumbnails. For reference, I looked at movie posters, alot of Clint Eastwood stuff, Scareface, etc.

On the bottom left of the first page, you have from left to right- Oppenheimer, Lawrence, Groves, Fermi, and Teller.

Too bad this is just an imitation of a movie poster. From doing some research, it sounds like it could be a good movie (unless it already is, in which case you could probably watch the movie instead of reading the rest of this). You got interesting characters, all of who have differing opinions of the ethics of whether it should be used, an issue which has good arguments on both sides. I think one of the most interesting scientist of the Mahattan group was Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb. Even when working on the Mahattan Project, he is already thinking 7 years ahead to the creation of the H-BOMB, a weapon much more devastating than the Atom Bomb, and later plays a part in the trial that ultimately gets the respected lead scientist, Oppenheimer's security clearence to the nuclear program revoked. Oppenheimer had previously opposed the developement of the Hydrogen bomb. A fellow scientist, said of Teller "I really do feel it would have been a better world without Teller....I think he's an enemy of humanity." Wow, those are harsh words! With Oppenheimer holding a more 20th century notion that with man's increased control over the natural world, there might in turn be certain moral responsibilities that scientists have, and Teller holding a more traditional approach that a scientist sole responisibility is to expand man's knowledge, I could see some great character moments between those two. And all this against the backdrop of World War II times. Sounds like a good drama to me.


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