Saturday, October 03, 2009

The end of an Era

I know, I know, hold back those tears, my friends. We all know it would come to an end eventually. Just like rising prices in the housing and stock market, it had to end, right? The Wonder Pets series is over. (Well, technically, Nickelodeon could call at anytime and ask for another season, but they are kind of pushing it, what with everybody layed off right now.) Maybe later I'll write about the experience of my first job working on a animated television show from my perspective but I have to collect my thoughts on that. But here is a caricature of the Creative Director who was intrumental in designing the look of the show, Jennifer Oxley.

I'd like to include horror stories of her but in truth, I only met her briefly once and she seemed like a very cool person, so I am sorry.

And I found this while trying to put together my portfolio and copying old files, not sure why or when I did this, seeing as how Pluto is my favorite character, but I did.


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