Tuesday, December 09, 2008

iron giant test

Cause I got nothing new of my own that I can show off, here's a website I found with a load of stuff from Iron Giant.


I took some of the drawings down and assemble them into a pencil test. This one was apparently drawn by Brad Bird. I know he did the the coffee scene, but I'm not sure what other scenes he specifically did. Who ever did it, even for a very sporadic scenes, it's very solidly drawn. It's got timing charts on it which is always cool to see. I am not sure it was inbetweened. This are just the keys but it seems to work just fine for spinning thru the air in a car.

And this other one was already a pencil test. It was shot all on 3s so I went through according to the numbers and deleted a some frames to get the proper timing on. There were a couple of frames missing but nothing major. Actually it was a blessing it was shot on 3s since it also had frame blending issues on a lot of frames, which meant there were extra frames of each drawing that were frame blended that could be deleted. I also wish it would have been shot with peg bars to keep the registation consistant but that's just nit picking and he may have wanted to keep the peg holes intact.


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