Friday, November 03, 2006

My old foe, the figure drawing, it's been a looonnnggg time

These are the figure drawings I did tonight (technically yesterday), at least the ones that looked halfway decent enough to post. I decided to start visiting my old anatomy class. I gotta start figure drawing again. I getting rusty at it,(Perhaps I need a better word as rusty means you were good at it at one time, let's just say I need lots of practice.) So I'll use this blog to force me to do some figure drawing and get me in the habit of scanning in stuff. I don't draw in sketchbooks, I usually have a stack of copy paper on me. Drawing in a sketchbook makes me feel like I have to make a beautiful drawing every page, you know.The advantage of copy paper for me is that I can easily throw away it without a second thought. It's like doing rough animation. But the disadvantage is I have tons of pages of random drawings, and when it comes to scanning drawings in, I have look through tons of papers.(some folded, wrinkled or just lost somewhere)

The top three are pencil and the bottom 2 are marker. I like the bottom right one the best. My friend told me to try and caricature the model. At first I was like, you know maybe I should get back in the grove of drawing the figure properly before doing that, but after drawing him like 5 or 6 times in the same pose, (It's an illustration studio class so besides a few gestures, that was the pose for the class.) and limited space to walk around, I got bored and went for it. It's going to be a little bit before I post the rest of that dialog pencil test since my efforts have been towards 'stupid' 3d rigging this week. Maybe I'll post some pics of my 3d character tomorrow(or technically today). Yeah...Time to get some sleep.