Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I take that back, Title's are alright...they tend to summarize the subject matter in a few words.

He’s back!!! I have some drawings to post. But that takes scanning and organizing and stuff, so that will be up in a little bit. The website has some new illustration work and an updated reel. It's getting an update in the next couple of days with flash video instead of quicktime and windows so enjoy the downloadable content while you can. But anyways, here is some new animation!!!

It’s a commercial I worked on with my old Professor, Steve Stanchfield, and fellow colleagues, Ayaka Kakaiuchi and Kyle Hood. I did a little animation and coloring on a few other shot, but the main shot I did was Vito handing the pizza off to the Mom (Though, I didn’t animate or color the kids in the shot.). Why is there a black screen in the middle? Well that actually has an alpha channel so there will be video of pizza with cheese stretching off it and such. So any one from Ohio, go and by a Vito’s Pizza today! Tell them Tony Packos sent you!

Oh and for my viewers, ages 3 to 7, next week I’ll start my new job animating on the Nick show, Wonder Pets.(Though I won’t be able to post that stuff, at the very least until the episode airs, so I guess that won’t effect this blog much in the near future. Though I am working on a few ideas for my own short, so stay tuned.)