Monday, January 22, 2007

Blog revived back to death with Aewsome Animation

I'm not dead, I'm still here. I post some new work up a little later, but I think you'll enjoy this much more than my own attempts at animation. Here's some pencil test from some xeroxed drawings that my professor Steve Stanchfield let me see. The first is a Frank Thomas pencil test.

The second is a Bill Tyla pencil test, only a second and a half, but so much amazing stuff going on!(sorry,I got to find a better way to upload this clip, it looks terrible, you miss all the nuances and such, and this was my favorite clip.)

The third one is by Milt Kahl. I apologize if it is a little jittery, the peg holes didn't xerox clear enough like on the other two and it couldn't be aligned be the edges of paper to my dismay, so I had to shot them by sight.