Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two post in one month....the End is near!!!!!!!!

Here the second half of the gun shot. Enjoy.......I said enjoy, damnit!!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Late Late Late Breaking News!!!!!

Jodie now has a website!!!!............. Let's cut the friendly chatter. What's that mean to you? Because in the end it's about what you get out of it, right. Well for future employers, you don't have to look throughout this entire crap of a blog looking for my demo reel. And for the 2.5 viewers actually reading this blog, you don't have to put up with new post containing only minute changes to my demo reel. Looks like everybody's a winner here! And since everyone knows that the satifaction of knowing you're a winner doesn't get you very far in this life, here is your prize.

After fixing some areas and inbetweening it some more it's still alittle rubbery on the barrel part but I think it's good to go for now, just need to finish the second half.