Monday, May 19, 2008

Get Well Soon Franzen!!!

If you haven't bought the johan frnazen t-shirt(, and were thinking "You know, I just want to see it blown up a little bit with a bunch of signatures on it on tv, preferable channel 4 first, and then I will decide to buy it."

Well, today is your lucky day(or technically, May 17, 2008, game 5 on the Red Wings road to victory.) I've hit it big time(in the city of Detroit at least)My drawing of Johan Franzen appeared on channel 4 as a get well soon card. Oh yeah!!! And I hope he gets to play in the Stanley cup finals and more importantly I hope the concussion like symptons aren't that serious and don't effect him later down the road.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wait a minute....tha...that's not Wonder Pets!!!

Yeah, I post some more of that episode of Wonderpets in a little bit, but since we have a 2 month hiatus on wonderpets, decided to step away from the keyboard for a bit and do some freelance illustration. This is for the same guy who owns a t-shirt company that I did the Britney t-shirt design for ( it's been a few months since then, due to my lack of blogging, all you have do is scroll down slightly to see it. It's of the Red Wings player Johan "the Mule" Franzen. Hopefully the Redwings go all the way so more T-shirts will be sold. Obviously, this isn't sanctioned by the Red Wings, hence Det(Detroit) and not Redwings and no symbol of th winged Tire. Tried to get the "Det" to be believibly wrapping with the cloth and yet still be simplified enough where you could read it. Been looking at some cloth notes lately that I got off of Seven Camels blog awhile back trying to really get the handle on the way clothes wrap aroung the character and yet still retain the structure underneath. Not as easy as it sounds.(Other great stuff on that website too! Check it out on my links.)

Here's the Final

Just watercolored and inked and the touched up in Photoshop. (I really need to learn how to use the tablet and Photoshop or Painter to color one of these days!)

Here is the rough layout drawing

and here is the rough thumbnails for the project